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TESH.TESH Portable Bidet

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Portable Bidet !

This 600ml collapsible (BPA free) light bottle, manually splashes water

and cleanses your private parts after the call of nature!

You can always carry this bottle easily wherever you go,

it can be stretched and collapsed to fit inside your purse!

The material is food safe, recyclable and good to use up to 10,000 times!

Good to use at public toilets, hotels, airplanes and camping!

How to Use test.tesh Bidet:

  • Open the cap and expand the bottle to the max, fill the bottle with water, return the cap and close it tightly.
  • Rotate the top part of the cap till the holes are fully opened, then squeeze the bottle toward your private area to cleanse what was left from urinating or defecating with the water splash.
  • Squeeze the bottle more to make sure you empty it, lock the cap and dry it up.
TESH.TESH Portable Bidet
منتج جميل ورائع وشئ ضروري في السفر
TESH.TESH Portable Bidet
صار لي سنتين مايطلع من شنطتي صار من احد الضروريات في حياتي
TESH.TESH Portable Bidet
ينفع للسفر طفشنا بتركيا والله معاناة
TESH.TESH Portable Bidet
Thanks for quick delivery. My son is happy.

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