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Delivery Information

Hello and welcome to the Shipping and Delivery Information page! Here you can get acquainted with useful information on terms and conditions of our goods delivery.

You can purchase your items online and we'll ship them to you by Post Office service for Free! Shipping is free on all products. We use the best carriers in the business to make sure your order gets to you on time. From the Secure Checkout page you'll see your item description, price and delivery timing. Delivery times vary according to your selected delivery address, availability of your items and the time of day you place your order. Please note this is for personal use only, and if you were planning to sell these items you should be one of our registered retailers. No refund or exchange will be made once a purchase is made. If any delay or damage found in the item please contact us immediately! The exchange for damaged products is valid for 5 days only from delivery date and it will be replaced with a new product, no money refund.